1. The registration fee will be paid in full regardless of the length of time the student attends during the year.
  2. The entrance fee, registration fee, and first month tuition must be paid before the child shall be admitted to classes.
  3. All tuition and/or other school fees for non-mission students shall be paid in guaraníes the day before the child shall be admitted to classes. Alternative methods of payment must be requested to the Business Administrator by presenting a letter requesting monthly payments and signing payment commitments (pagares).
  4. Tuition can be requested in five monthly payments per semester if requested before starting classes.
  5. A 2% discount will be given for full payment of semester or year tuition.
  6. All monthly payments should be made by the day established in the “pagare.” A 2% fine will automatically be added to delinquent monthly payments.
  7. If a student attends ANY part of a semester he must pay full tuition for the semester.
  8. Any non-missionary student wanting to study abroad will need to pay in advance a full registration fee and half of their tuition payment for the time they will be gone, if they wish for ACA to reserve their space. They may be gone a maximum of one year only.
  9. Any student not enrolled in ACA who desires to take an individual course for credit will pay the current rate per course plus registration fees. ACA will not accept auditing students.
  10. All financial obligations owed from a previous school year must be paid before the student will be allowed to start a new school year at ACA.