DSCN0662The LMC is open from 7:00 AM – 2:45 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM every Thursday.

The LMC will loan materials to ACA students, parents of students, ACA graduates, ACA Board Members, and missionaries from a mission represented in the school community. Those outside of the member categories may become members by presenting a letter of recommendation, filling out a membership form, and paying the annual membership fee.

Non-members may use LMC resources within the LMC itself. All LMC patrons will abide by the ACA rules applied to students as well as the following guidelines established specifically for the LMC:

  • No loud talking or other disturbances.
  • No food is allowed in the LMC.
  • All books must be stamped and cards signed before they are taken out of the LMC.
  • Elementary students may borrow books for one week, periodicals for three days and AV materials for three days ONLY with parental permission.library
  • High School and Junior High students as well as all other adult patrons may borrow books for 2 weeks, periodicals for 3 days and AV materials for 3 days.
  • All LMC resources may be renewed unless a reservation request has been put on them. • Reference materials are only to be used within the LMC.
  • A daily fine is charged for all overdue materials. All overdue materials must be returned and fines must be paid before any patron is able to borrow materials again.
  • Library Fine:– Grades 1-5: 500 Gs. Per book for every day late.– Grades 6 – 12: 1,000 Gs. Per book for every day late.
  • Replacement fee plus shipping must be paid for all lost books.
  • Lost books must be replaced or paid for before the end of each semester.
  • Grade cards will be withheld at the end of each semester until all overdue materials are returned and fines are paid.
  •  Students may go to the LMC only with a written Library Pass.